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Topographical Survey

Topography of a place is its landscape, geography and countryside, or in simple words it can be defined as a shape of a land or plot or the feature found on it. For Effective utilization and development of a Project Topographical survey must be done. The land could be undulating, uneven and having slope etc in the wrong direction. Often companies do purchase undulating land as it is cheaper that totally developed and leveled land. After Topographical surveys Effective Land Areas are prepared according to the requirement of projects, thus company saves time and money.

These services are applicable for Gas Transportation, Power Transmission, Water Pipelines, Roads and Bridges, Railway, Land Measurement and Acquisition.

We are leading and Experienced Topographical Survey company. Our Team is backed up with Latest Topographical Surveying Techniques. So, if you wish to associate yourself with the leading topographical surveyors, the buck stops right here. 

Topographical Survey needs scientific approach where certain features from plot are leveled or removed depending upon condition. Topographical Surveys with Total Station marking All Existing Features, taking levels using Auto Level, Calculation of Earth Work, Proposed Profile, drawings on computers Etc.

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